Posted by: robie2002 | 30 April, 2007

brave new worlds

Two things have got me thinking recently about the world we live in, one is the discovery of the new planet, the other a youtube video sent to me recently on globalisation.

The finding of a new planet that is earth like and may well be able to support life is exciting on a number of fronts, and we have to wonder that as we look out to it with a sense of hope and intrigue is this the kind of event that might help us also take stock of our own situation? We all know the feeling when you are expecting guests and are horrified by how filthy and messy your home suddenly appears. And to some degree we have seen the beginnings of that with the new planet, there have already been too many jokes that ‘it’s all okay, we can carry on as we are because once this planet is used up we can just move!’ and that is symptomatic of what is essentially still a blasé attitude to the limited resources we have available.

Of course, it also ignores the fact that there may well be life out there already, we are already setting ourselves, as a planet, to make the same mistakes that the Europeans have made time and again when they found new countries as they sought initally to explore the earth.

There may well be life sitting on that other planet looking at ours and thinking the same thing, or they may well have been watching us for some time in absoluet abhorrance at teh way in which we are abusing our planet and in reality continue to abuse each other. We are not ready to head off in to space to find new planets and species when we haven’t even worked out globalisation, let alone universalisation…



  1. I’ll post a comment about the post later.

    First, welcome to WordPress! And welcome back! Hope to see a whole lot happening here!

  2. Welcome back Sire, to this world once again. It’s interesting to have someone else write a post on the article.
    I read this on my stopover at UK on Daily Mirror.

    I would agree to what you have to say, but I also think that while there may be other worlds and all of that, we may be heading for the end of this civilization, like the ones before us. It just seems we are headed on that path. While we may find planets and life or someone else may find us, I’d agree we need to look at Globalization in its real sense.

    Hope to see a lot more secondary points of view from you.

  3. It would be sad to think that is really true, that we are heading for the end of our civilisation. Although I think there may be a post, and mileage, in exploring whether as we become and ever more ‘developed world that we are already becoming less civilised.

  4. I think it would be more like ‘development’ at the cost of what? The cost probably becomes more important in every civilization…greed comes at a cost, and most civilizations met their end because of that. We seem to be heading in the same path.

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