Posted by: robie2002 | 21 May, 2007

the context of the moment

A friend recently shared this post with me and rather than post a comment I am rather selfishly taking my thoughts on the topic and posting them here to start populating my own blog (there must be a post in there somewhere)…

Plus it was something that I wanted to discuss on here a bit and associate with.

You see I am minded to disagree with my esteemed friend slightly; although it depends on how you determine history and the future I suppose.

I would propose that History is judged in the context of now, the present. Actions taken now will become the History that is judged in the context of the future.

Obviously not every action we take now is going to be remembered, or judged, in the future; my making of a cup of tea this afternoon is not going to be judged by anyone, particularly as I was only making one cup, for myself, it wasn’t even judged in the present! So it is fair, and fairly obvious, to say that it is the process of that future judgement that determines what is then considered as ‘History’ in the present.



  1. Just for the sake of word play – that is why is is His Story and not My Story…’nuff on the word play – it is another persons interpretation and that is necessarily not always true. I choose whether I glorify or vilify the character/stituation etc.

  2. Sorry – off topic, but you have been tagged. Details

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