Posted by: robie2002 | 7 October, 2008

Opportunity in persecution

I found this article today, and whilst I have commented on it elsewhere felt that I should reserve this comment for my blog as it is rather flippant, but perhaps not a bad idea.

Surely with these ‘hard hitting’ images arriving on cigarette packages so soon it will go two ways:

1) some people will be genuinely excited about collecting the set of the 14 images, and will no doubt delight in showing the picture to the people they are with every time they get a cigarette out

2) and probably more likely will be people who just think enough is enough, I want to enjoy my cigarette not be more stressed out by the experience (as mentioned in Mutterings that Matter above). So it is surely about time that people start thinking about using cigarette cases again; surely an elegant solution to the uncomfortable sight of someone else’s foul and cancerous mouth.

For those that are so inclined you could even launch a range that carried the 14 images so that people could carry their favourite government approved image with them.

Actually I forgot the 3rd category of people that won’t cares either way.

Anyway, just a thought.




  1. “..won’t cares..”?

    And it seems that you (conveniently?) missed my post on the issue?

    Anyways, the silver plated double sided from Black Cat Engravers seems really cool. Actually anything classy from that range will do. You of course know when my b’day is.

    You actually didn’t quote my article. Wow.

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