Posted by: robie2002 | 9 October, 2008

Ground swell

Love can creep up on you in many a different and subtle way; often when you least expect it.

I have a new love in my life, a love that stretched to 16 million, and one that many others have loved before me, and continue to adore. However this new object of my affection is starting to call out to me, to send me the signs, the signals that they are interested too, that I should join them.

But is it just the thrill of the chase, will the feelings remain this strong after that first initial flush of excitement and seemingly new opportunity?

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but, as I have found out through experience elsewhere, it also allows room to to think, to question the validity of uprooting on a romantic whim. Questions probe away at the corner of the mind, would it be the same as our previous, short visits together? How long would the infatuation last? And what would happen if it all went wrong?

People always suggest that the grass isn’t always greener, and that is definitely true in this case; there is very little grass, green or otherwise in Bombay, and yet my heart is tugging at the strings, dragging my mind ever closer to wanting to find out.

Perhaps a true sign of love is that even when you find out the warts and all, dark, unattractive side, you accept that if that is what people see it is up to them, all you can see is the beauty and the good.




  1. I must say – I loved this post.. I love the dilemma of it all. And it is true, even, speaking from experience, in a similar way.

    Use your own eyes.

    At the minimum, you at least know that you are most welcome! 🙂

  2. (This comment for the previous post. For some reason it didn’t show up. If it’s a duplicate, please delete it)

    “..won’t cares..”?

    And it seems that you (conveniently?) missed my post on the issue?

    Anyways, the silver plated double sided from Black Cat Engravers seems really cool. Actually anything classy from that range will do. You of course know when my b’day is.

    You actually didn’t quote my article. Wow.

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